About Cheryl Christiansen

In 1974, Cheryl commenced working in our 3 primary areas of practice – Conveyancing, Wills & Powers and Estates – and has also had many years of experience in Family Law.

She was admitted to practice as a Solicitor & Barrister in 1996 and has operated her own firm for over 15 years including appearing in matters before all levels of the Courts.  Cheryl has acted in matters from the Local Court, to District and Supreme Courts and a Family Law (International Child Abduction) matter which went before the Full High Court of Australia, resulted in a change in the law and amendment of the power of the Family Court.

Whilst Cheryl now rarely deals with Court cases, she remains alert to issues lurking in the background of seemingly straight-forward matters which may require additional attention.

Her belief is that, whenever possible, prevention is far better than cure.

It is Cheryl’s aim to provide legal services in a way that is understandable to all her clients.